boer goat bucks


B1D Max 1501​

Born: November 2015

Sire: FSG Paparazzi

Dam: Go Dog Go daughter

Max was born at B1D Boers in Springfield, OH.

He was sired by FSG Paparazzi.

Paparazzi was distinguished himself as a sire of champions in the market goat show world.

Max brings together a unique combination of proven, championship wether genetics and fullblood ABGA genetics.  

Max is solid on his feet and legs, round ribbed, clean chested, and has a lion that you can't get your hand across. He also has a beautiful, breed-correct, head and nose.

Our first kids sired by Max are arriving early 2017.



​Deceased: October of 2016

Born: September 6, 2009

ABGA #: 10487797

Fullblood 100%

We purchased Rippn’ Ruckus from Karen Pike in December 2014.  We already owned a percentage doe and show wether sired by Rippn’ Ruckus that we purchased from Pandora Strickland.  The wether “Pyro” won Reserve Grand Champion at the Anderson County Livestock Show in September 2014 against some strong competition from SC and GA.  We had become familiar with the quality of both doe and wether produced by Rippn’ Ruckus.

We received a call from Pandora Strickland that Karen Pike was going to offer Rippn’ Ruckus for sale.  Knowing this buck’s reputation, we were excited to get that call.  We made the drive to Karen’s house on December 27, 2014 and brought Rippn’ Ruckus back to his new home in SC.

As a tribute to Rippn’ Ruckus’ former owner, we asked Karen Pike to give us a history on this outstanding sire. 

Here are the words of Karen Pike:

In 2009, my former business partner, Robby Potter suggested that we start looking for a "wether-maker" buck to add to our breeding program. I was finding my niche with the 4-H'ers that participated in youth shows, as my own daughter was beginning to show and more clubs were wanting to purchase wethers for spring and circuit shows and the NC State Fair. Robby was, and still is, a genetic's genius! He seeks out what is performing well around the country and knows bloodlines back several generations. This knowledge led him to combine some of the best couplings in this part of the country!

He found two Ripper/Mincey bucks on a farm in Otto, NC owned by H. P. Roberson. Mr. Roberson was selling them and Robby believed that this cross was what we'd been looking for. These two Ripper/Mincey bucks were long, level and full of muscle.

My husband and I made the trip to the farm in early 2010 and after two days of deliberating, we settled on the longer of the two bucks, whose name we changed to Roberson Boer Goats Y87 Rippn' Ruckus.

Wouldn't you know that the first kids born from Ruckus were all three does! We'd purchased him for wethers! Oh well, we'd wait and see. Little did we know the gem we had that would produce both winning wethers AND does!

I, along with the Lawrence family of Winterville, NC, traveled to Perry, GA with two of those first does, showing in the 3-6 month old classes and making it in the champion drive in both shows. Those same does traveled to more shows and earned many banners along the way, locally and out of state. We were pleasantly surprised!

2011 proved to be a phenomenal year for our little farms, with champion wethers and does competing in VA and NC. Five of Ruckus' wethers placed in the champion drive at our local state fair and 5 more were in the top 4 in their classes. Two of our commercial does placed 2nd in their classes of 18. Some of the does were also winning classes on the local circuit shows in the meat classes and does shown in the open shows were earning many ABGA points!

2012 just got better! Points were being gathered by many who had purchased our animals, both full bloods and percentages. Our wethers were still winning and Alexis Briley traveled to Nationals that year with her wether, Charlie, and received the heavyweight champ title and reserve overall wether! Ruckus wethers came in with seven in the champion drive and five more placing in the top 5 in their classes at our state fair! More and more, the percentage does were making their mark!

2013 left us with an overwhelming percentage of doe kids. Very few bucks were born, but those few that were wethered went on to perform well in the local shows and state fair, with four in the champion drive and five in the top 5 of their classes. Mr. Potter sold his stock and due to knee surgery, I was forced to reduce my herd as well, slowing things down for 4 P's Ranch.

Ruckus was not used for the majority of the 2014 crop of kids as many of the breeding does here were his daughters. A few breeders did bring does to breed to him and we look forward to seeing them in the show ring this year! I am thankful to those who have used Ruckus in their breeding programs and purchased from us. They have helped us achieve our dreams!

It was the hardest decision I've ever made as a breeder to sell Ruckus. 

He took us to the top quickly on a local level and produced and is still producing nationally competitive stock... full bloods, percentages and wethers. 

I look forward to seeing Adams Station carry on the legacy of this amazing buck! He is ennobled and needs just five more points to have his title as sire of merit! 

I have a good feeling that will happen this year!

Karen Pike

4 P's Ranch